Polytech Plastics (Australasia) is heavily involved in the supply and machining of PLASTIC products to the CHEMICAL INDUSTRY. Polytech Plastics (Australasia) has been involved in the chemical industry for many years and their services include design work, product development, engineering solutions to produce innovative answers to you requests as well as being able to manufacture these items in either small or large runs. We have the experience and back up knowledge to recommend the right plastic that will give maximum life with the chemicals that you are using.We know the benefits of plastic and can apply them in your situation to bring improvements in the chemical industry. Some of these benefits are:

  • Corrosion resistance to strong acids / bases and hydrocarbons etc.
  • Impact resistance
  • Excellent hydrolysis resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Less weight converting to lower energy costs
  • Ability to test production in small scale before committing to large capital expenditure
  • Help in compliance with OH & S legislation
  • Inherent colour so that they continue to look new long after other items have degraded.

The Team at Polytech Plastics (Australasia) make it their responsibility to keep up with the latest technology worldwide and apply it for you. Some of the items that we have applied our experience in the chemical industry are:

  • Custom fabricated Chemical storage & mixing tanks (PVC, PP, HDPE, and PVDF).
  • Vented chemical storage cabinets (240v fan-driven or whirlybird extraction systems)
  • Carrying out on-site repair work at city and remote locations
  • Custom Fabricated Laboratory Bench Tops (stainless steel, PVC, PP, HDPE)
  • PVC Lab sinks
  • Plaster Traps
  • Vented Photography Troughs
  • Custom Fabricated Marine Sewage Tanks
  • Electrical Plating Tanks
  • Down Draft Vented Silk Screening Tables
  • Cross Contamination Lab Benches
  • Custom Fabricated Laboratory Test Tube Holders
  • Seals/ seats/ gaskets/rings /washers
  • Lab Bottle Drainers
  • Laboratory Sink & Lab Drainer Units
  • Extraction rigs / test rigs
  • Pipelines / Acid / Base lines

We have proven ability through projects we’ve handled including Polypropylene and Polyethylene Butt Fusion welding, Socket welding, Injection welding and Hand welding

Plastic fabrication solutions specialising in custom makes; we manage any project from concept stage to completion.

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