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Polytech Plastics (Australasia) is heavily involved in the supply and machining of PLASTIC products and other supporting materials to produce items for the DISPLAY of INFORMATION. We can produce everything you need to display your information and get your message across to your clientele whether for profit or just to provide information. We can combine plastic, timber, aluminium, chrome or powdercoated steel and glass to manufacture whatever your requirements are. We can also utilize ready made injection moulded brochure holders from the TAYMAR range. There are so many options including:

  • Desk mounted brochure holders to get your message across at point-of-sale.
  • Wall mounted brochure holders.
  • Complete wall units to provide a kaleidoscope of colour for your clients to choose from.
  • Staggered wall and desk mount brochure holders to maximise the use of space available.
  • Free-standing units with Steel or aluminium frame, or timber based units using PLANKWALL.
  • Brochure Holders adhered to an acrylic backing for window and see-through displays,
  • Real estate window displays including the suspended cable system.
  • Custom made units to your specifications

POLYTECH PLASTICS (Australasia) can incorporate all sizes of brochure holders to suit you, including a combination of sizes and styles in the one unit. In general, we construct brochure holders from 4.5mm clear acrylic to create an attractive, sturdy and long-lasting finished product. Brochure holders are available in a variety of colours including white, opal, black and red. We can be printed with a logo or your message if required. We can supply in small and large quantities – from a single item to thousands.  POLYTECH PLASTICS generally use the following materials in the INFORMATION DISPLAYS we produce:

  • OMEGA-GLAS® acrylic for choice of colour, clarity and economics
  • OMEGA-GARD® Polycarbonate for impact resistance and vandal proof items
  • OMEGA-CLEAR® PETG for strength, economics and ease of forming
  • OMEGA-LITE® PVC foam for cheapness and lightweight – where transparency is not required

Plastic fabrication solutions specialising in custom makes; we manage any project from concept stage to completion.

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