Polytech Plastics (Australasia) understand that safety in the workplace is critical to the success of running a business. Whether you are operating a small business or a large corporation, POLYTECH PLASTICS can help you with Plastic products to ensure you meet your responsibilities regarding health and safety in your workplace. Some of the Plastic materials that POLYTECH PLASTICS use are:

  • OMEGA-GARD® Polycarbonate: This Plastic has extremely high impact resistance, a high heat deflection temperature under load, excellent mechanical strength under load from -100° to +120°, good electrical insulating properties; low water absorption and self-extinguishing properties; and with very good sound deadening properties. Polytech Plastics fabricate machine guards to protect against moving panels and panels to provide protection from noise, dust, flying objects without affecting visibility
  • OMEGA-TECH® HDPE safety yellow: This material is lightweight, rust proof, highly visible, zero maintenance, high impact resistant and weldable.
  • OMEGA-GLAS® Acrylic or OMEGA-CLEAR® PETG for use in Safety signage; Safety lettering; Safety brochures & Safety systems; Lock out boxes.
  • OMEGA-FLEX® Plasticised PVC a clear, flexible and tough material for heat/ cold, dust and other extraneous particles exclusion curtains – yet still allowing easy access with personnel and machines.
  • OMEGA-LATEX® Rubber: can be used for exclusion of dust, heat or cold.
  • Other Plastic Products to fabricate Bunding, liners and double protection in chemical use situations.

Plastic fabrication solutions specialising in custom makes; we manage any project from concept stage to completion.

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