The surface hardness of OMEGA-GLAS ® Acrylic (PMMA) sheet is comparable to aluminium but because of the high surface polish scratches are more clearly visible on clear sheet.

It is one of the hardest thermoplastic, and is only scratched by a 9H pencil. It has low water absorption and although it has a high coefficient of expansion (about 8 times steel). Acrylic plastics are among the most scratch resistant of all thermoplastics. Although inflammable, the burning characteristics classify it as “slow burning”. Because it is odour and taste free and non-toxic, PMMA sheet is quite suitable for use on contact with foodstuffs and beverages.

MAIN ADVANTAGES of OMEGA-GLAS ® Acrylic Sheet, Rod and Tube

  • Exceptional light transmission with no inherent edge colour: Clear OMEGA-GLAS ® acrylic transmits 92% of all visible light. No other product offers better light transmission – not even glass.
  • Excellent resistance to outdoor weathering: OMEGA-GLAS ® acrylic has a ten year weathering guarantee. No significant change in visual appearance nor physical performance will take place during this time.
  • High gloss: Hard surface of OMEGA-GLAS ® is one of the hardest thermoplastics and remains aesthetically attractive for much longer than many other plastics
  • Good thermoformability: OMEGA-GLAS ® acrylic is easy to thermoform with low cost tooling leading to cost effective production.
  • Easy to clean: The high gloss surface of OMEGA-GLAS ® acrylic makes it easy to clean, keeping maintenance cost to a minimum.
  • Safety: Standard OMEGA-GLAS ® acrylic is 5 times stronger than float glass and the impact modified versions many timed better again. It is internationally recognised as a safety glazing material meeting the requirements of ANSI Z.97 and BS 6262. Standard 3mm OMEGA-GLAS ® acrylic is rated Class C to BS 6206 impact test and Class A for 8mm and above thickness.
  • Low Density: OMEGA-GLAS ® acrylic is half the weight of an equivalent glass panel and is more easily transported, installed and supported.
  • Clear, Tints and Opal Colours: OMEGA-GLAS ® is available in a wide range of transparent tints and opal colours giving maximum design freedom for lighting etc.
  • Cold Bending: OMEGA-GLAS ® acrylic can be readily cold bent to allow the installation of continuous roof lighting. A minimum cold bend radius of 200 times the thickness is possible with cast sheet and 300 times for the extruded grades.
  • Recyclability: OMEGA-GLAS ® acrylic is fully recyclable.

WEAKNESSES of OMEGA-GLAS ® Acrylic Sheet, Rod and Tube

  • Only moderate impact resistance


  • OMEGA-GLAS ® ACRYLIC: This version has been specially formulated and tested to give very high “UV” light transmission above 300nm together with excellent resistance to the long term ageing effects associated with ”UV” radiation. It is used primarily in the glazing of sun beds although it has been used in scientific instruments. Since this grade is an extruded product, thermoformed components must be annealed to remove all moulding stress before use.
  • OMEGA-GLAS® CS-VE GRADE ACRYLIC: Is available for applications where the minimum transmission of “UV” light is required. This grade absorbs 99.99% of all incidents “UV” light below 400nm.
  • OMEGA-GLAS ® VA-UV GRADE ACRYLIC: Has been developed for applications requiring extreme resistance to “UV” light. It is therefore the preferred grade for glazing applications in tropical regions. It is also suitable for high “UV” intensity street lighting applications.
  • OMEGA-GLAS ® AQUARIUM GRADE ACRYLIC: This version is specially formulated for use in water situations such as Aquariums and marine viewing panels.
  • OMEGA-GLAS ® CS-BLACK ACRYLIC – Infra-Red Transmitting Grade: This grade is a unique product which whilst appearing black to visible light, it gives excellent transmission in the near IR region (850nm). The product finds uses particularly in the surveillance field.

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