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POLYTECH PLASTICS (Australasia) carry and produce many shapes from all forms of rubber products under the OMEGA-LATEX® Brand name to meet challenging situations in many Industries.


  • Has very good weathering resistance
  • Low permeability to air, with good physical properties
  • Poor resistance to petroleum based fluids


  • Is widely used in areas where excellent ozone and chemical resistance qualities are required in combination with resistance to ageing. Its major limitation is a poor resistance to liquid petroleum products


  • Specially formulated from natural rubbers for use in the Food Industry.
  • Can be used in most applications where a hygienic and non marking rubber is required.
  • Has a Shore hardness of 45 -55 witha maximum working temperature of 70°C


  • Insertion rubber is reinforced with cotton fabric which gives the extra strength required for many industrial applications
  • Insertion rubber is used for gaskets, packing, matting and dust curtains, conveyor belts and many other applications.
  • Insertion Rubber can be supplied in NATURAL INSERTION RUBBER and oil resistant NEOPRENE INSERTION RUBBER


  • Has a wide range of industrial uses such as packing, gaskets, dust curtains, shock and sound absorption.
  • Has excellent physical properties including abrasion and cut resistance, but has poor resistance to oils and similar solvents.


  • The first commercial synthetic rubber developed.
  • Mechanical, chemical and structural properties similar to natural rubber
  • Excellent UV and water resistance with very good abrasion resistance
  • Good resistance to aromatics and non aromatic fuels and alkalis, fair acid resistance. Fair to poor solvent resistance.
  • Incompatible with synthetic lubricants
  • Very good compression set and flex cracking characteristics
  • Temperature range -53°C to +150°C


  • Specially formulated for all applications where rubber can provide protection from high abrasive wear.
  • Typical applications are chute and bin linings, pipe linings, flotation cell linings and impellors etc.


  • Nitrile compound rubber shows excellent resistance to petroleum based fluids and moderate resistance to aromatics.
  • It has excellent physical properties.


  • Viton ® is a synthetic rubber Elastomer well known for its excellent heat resistance -45°C to + 325°C. It offers excellent resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals, including aromatic, halogenated and aliphatic solvents and aromatic fuels
  • Good oxidation resistance, very good compression set & water resistance
  • Excellent performance with acids, but poor with alkalis
  • Maximum elongation – approximately 250%

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