CPVC Pipework for the Watercorp in Neerabup, WA

Polytech Plastics has become a trusted supplier to Watercorp after delivering reliable advice, improved solutions and tangible cost savings.

Sick of a lack of transparency from previous providers, Watercorp approached us to deliver engineer-specified CPVC pipework for their project in Neerabup. In the past, Watercorp experienced dishonesty from providers implementing different products than scoped and agreed upon. This resulted in the deterioration of glues and primers which in turn led to extensive damage and water leaking risks. It was evident that the solution would not stand the test of time and Watercorp needed a new supplier that they could trust to get the job done.

We were briefed on the solution required and the engineered design to provide CPVC pipework to join steel pipes. Upon further investigation of the task, we realised we could get a better end result for Watercorp with a new approach. Through further consultation and research into the problem we discovered the flaw in the design – the steel would soon damage the CPVC resulting in serious expense down the track.

Backed with over 40 years of experience, we always let our clients know when there is an alternative way to get the optimum outcome. We’re dedicated to solving the root problem instead of a band-aid fix that will break in a matter of months. The outcome of this consultation led our client down a different path and in the process saved them money, time and ongoing issues with constant repair requirements.

After successfully providing solutions to Watercorp through third party liaisons for several years, we are now an approved supplier dealing directly with the organisation. Our team has gone through the relevant inductions to work on Watercorp sites both directly for the organisation and on behalf of other companies. We enjoy working collaboratively to find smart, cost-effective solutions to their requirements.

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