New Pipework for Mineral Sands Plant in Moora

Polytech Plastics provided a new solution for a mineral sands company, which was running into problems with their newly converted wet plant.

Our client converted their dry plant into a wet plant for the processing of silica sand. Since the conversion, they were having ongoing issues with the mineral degrading their steel pipes which caused product wastage as well as production disruptions. We provided two options – UHMWPE piping or a more cost-effective solution using HDPE piping.

The client chose to go for HDPE material which allowed them to invest in the recreation of all pipework as well as a backup set of all components for future repairs. In the end, we brought our workshop to the site so we could make changes as required on the spot to reduce the plant shutdown time.

As we got stuck into the project, we needed to customise some pipes and angles to fit them to the plant. To add to the difficulty, we were planning everything on the ground flat but then experienced fit issues as we raised it to its final placement. One, in particular, became an issue as it needed to fit into a vibrating screen. The equipment we brought to the site wasn’t going to make it work so we took it back to our workshop to implement the required customisations. Needless to say, our trial and error paid off – we got everything to fit the plant accurately and efficiently.

Any time this client shuts down their plant there is a loss of production which quickly turns into a costly experience. To ensure the shortest shut period, we completed the whole project within the planned time frame of three weeks. With nothing operating during this time, our client made a significant investment in the upgrade and we knew we needed to deliver a reliable solution to make it worth it for them.

Their investment paid off – moving forward our client has a more efficient plant with a significantly reduced shutdown risk. Our solution allows them to bolt and unbolt sections of the plant and replace pieces as required rather than shutting down the whole plant for repairs.

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