ISO 9001 Certification

QAS International ISO 9001 registered company

Founded in 1981, Polytech Plastics is a leading plastics fabricator of custom products, components, and displays to a broad spectrum of industries throughout Australia.

We are experts in all aspects of Plastics Manufacturing, including Cut-to-Size Plastics, Blow Moulding, Drilling, Plastic Bending, Prototyping, CNC Machining, Plastic Welding, Edge Polishing, Vacuum Forming and Thermoforming, Plastic Fabrication, and Gluing.

At Polytech Plastics, we are committed to providing our customers with the most comprehensive range of services combined with the most specialised product portfolio on the market. From concept design to prototyping to fabrication and vacuum forming, we provide customised solutions and components tailored to each of our customers’ technical and commercial needs.

Since 1981, Polytech Plastics has specialised in the fabrication of acrylics and custom plastics using a range of materials.

We’re certified for work with:

  • Plasticised PVC
  • Polyurethane
  • Acetal (POM)
  • Polyamide nylons (PA)
  • Polycarbonate (PC)
  • PVC foam
  • Polypropylene
  • Teflon (PTFE)
  • Rubber
  • Acrylonitrile, butadiene & styrene (ABS)
  • Acrylic (PMMA)
  • High-impact polystyrene
  • Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC)
  • Ethylene-chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE)
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Polyamide-imide (PAI)
  • Polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE)
  • Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)
  • Polyester terephthalate glycol (PETG)
  • Polyethylene terephthalate (PETE)
  • Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene

Polytech Plastics fabricates, stocks and provides an extensive range of plastics in all manner of applications. We can design plasticprint plasticfabricate plasticweld plasticvacuum form plasticbend plastic and cut plastic to size!

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