Plastic Vacuum Forming

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Vacuum forming involves converting flat sheets of plastic into 3D components. The process involves applying heat to plastic sheets which makes them pliable to allow for the moulding of the plastic, while a vacuum is applied from underneath. Not to be mistaken with thermo forming, vacuum forming plastic is used for single surface moulds.

Considered an efficient process for medium-to-high-volume production, Polytech Plastics uses vacuum forming in many applications including moulds, trays, housings, and product covers. We have the ability to vacuum form, drape form and blow mould.

Through our in-house fabrication services, we produce plastic sheets, which are then used for a range of plastic vacuum moulding materials. The convenience of our locally produced materials allows us to offer the service to our customers at a very economical price. The plastic items we produce are created primarily by vacuum forming or blow moulding. Long runs and short runs are both within our capability.

Polytech Plastics makes use of the sophisticated Thermax plastic sheet-heating ovens. This vacuum plastic moulding machine allows us to perform ABS plastic vacuum forming, where a robust thermoplastic is moulded for display and printing purposes. Other variants include more lightweight plastics that are suitable for packaging food and high-gloss, thermo-formable plastics.

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Polytech Plastics offers you the complete solution in vacuum plastic moulding. The products we fabricate include:

• Labo drainers
• Domes
• Food dispensing equipment
• Signage & formed lettering
• Curved boat and vehicle windows
• Curved aquariums and fish tanks

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