Food & Hospitality

Polytech Plastics (Australasia) is heavily involved in the supply and machining of PLASTIC products to the FOOD & HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY. Polytech Plastics (Australasia) has been involved in the food & hospitality industry for many years and their services include design work, product development, engineering solutions to produce innovative answers to you requests as well as being able to manufacture these items in either small or large runs. We know the benefits of plastics and can apply them in your situation to bring improvements in the food & hospitality industry. Some of these benefits are:

  • Lower maintenance costs & less downtime
  • Low friction / self-lubricating
  • Less weight converting to lower energy costs
  • Ability to test production in small scale before committing to large capital expenditure
  • Help in compliance with OH & S legislation
  • Higher production output
  • Optical clarity so that food and products can be displayed in all its freshness
  • Inherent Colour so that they continue to look new long after other items have degraded.

The Team at Polytech Plastics (Australasia) make it their responsibility to keep up with the latest technology worldwide and apply it for you.  Some of the items that we have applied our experience in the food & hospitality industry are:

  • Cutting Boards & food preparation benches / equipment
  • Hygienic Food dispenser bins – single and multiple banks
  • Food preparation cabinets
  • Sneeze guards
  • Machine guards and safety glazing on machinery
  • Conveyor belt food covers
  • Anti- cross contamination cutting boards
  • Plastic stirrers and mixing blades
  • Pick and mix stands
  • Hotel ice covers and displays
  • Display banks for food & confectionary items
  • Anti- theft till guards

Plastic fabrication solutions specialising in custom makes; we manage any project from concept stage to completion.

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